GAA 330 Process!

Updated: Nov 11

I took this class to learn more about animations. I had a character I could sort of work with, but it needed some work. We first started with a preproduction which we showcased what our plan was for our animation. I wanted to create a cutscene sort of like one of the fight scenes you see during the Hunter trials in Hunter X Hunter with Hisoka.

Now, at this point, I had an idea. I had a basic character, but I had no knowledge of animations. So my professor provided us with MOCAP data, and with that, we created loops of walking, idle animations, and running animations. That way, we could learn how to compile that in Unreal 4! And I did exactly that. Here I am showcasing my blendspace in UE4,

Afterwards, we moved onto our cutscene. I did a triggerable cutscene so I could get a little familiar with blueprints and what I can do later on if I decide to take it further. First we started on a looping animation. It could've been any type of looping animations, but I chose walking since it's a nice transition to my next animation, my straight ahead. Where he picks up a card and kind of does a sweeping motion. Now in this one, I would've loved to have added a particle effect of wind and leaves being swept in a circular motion, and I will definitely add it but it wasn't necessary for this class. Here is the link to those animations:

Finally, it was time to use the sequencer inside of Unreal. It was really fun to play around with timing, and blending the frames, and figuring out camera movement and animations. Here is the link of the sequence:

Overall, it's been a huge learning experience I am so grateful I had with my professor. She gave me chances and opportunities that I don't think any regular professor would've granted. She is so amazing to work with and honestly, she's made my work a lot better with the chances of the critiques I had and polishing phases I was able to go through.

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