Community Statement

What would you do if given the opportunity to serve the video game community in a secure way? I am majoring in Game Art and Animation with a minor in Network Security. I have created so many projects—from pixel art to 3D compiled environments in Unity. On the other hand, I have created networks in packet tracer, to use Microsoft Visio to show off different connectivity models. My work will not go unnoticed, and I know I will make an impact with what tools are in my toolbelt to better provide security for the gaming sector.

            First, when I started college, I knew I was different. What made me different was I was there, with open ears, ready to fill my brain with a mass intake of knowledge. Additionally, I knew throughout my years in college, that I constantly work for better content, better ideas, and better outcomes. I get showered in compliments, I get praised for my work by having my work showcased for future students, and I find myself tutoring my peers quite often. With my achievements, with my commissions, with my daily job (and previous ones), I have always strived to be better, but not for myself. I want to impact others. Whether that be an inspiration, or a leading position; I just want to help. Initially, I had always thought that I was just interested in my field because it would be ‘cool’, yet a challenge. I always held onto that creative side of me, but I didn’t want things to come naturally, I wanted like I said, that challenge. Now, I just want to walk out of UAT with my degrees, and the experience to quickly carry me into an industry job. I want to immediately apply my skills, and make an impact, as a woman in tech, in the game or network fields. Throughout my time at UAT, I was really inspired by several artists in games that I had played for years, but never got to really appreciate until I saw what went into game creation. Everybody out there, who is an artist, a programmer, a SCRUM master, any and all of it; I want to say thank you for giving millions of people the chance to either learn from you or enjoy what you’ve made. My experience here has me wanting to put my foot in the door and create content that is beneficial for everybody in the world who enjoys gaming. Gaming is interpreted in a lot of different ways, as well as benefiting people in so many different ways. I want to contribute to that, and I want to make a positive mark on people where it inspires them to do something, or just leave them with the ability to maybe sleep better at night.

            I then want to state how my experience in college has prepared me for my future contributions to my community and the world. The three academic accomplishments that have most prepared me are my leadership award in my Game Production Studio class, as well as my President’s List award, as well as all of my work that will be shown as examples to future students. I have also done several research assignments at UAT. Not that they were required, but how else would I know my way around several programs in the span of two years without a little outside help? Whether that be official forums posted by Autodesk or Adobe, to several minutes of YouTube videos and playlists from your professors or others. This has all prepared me for what I want to do for my community, but I didn’t get all my knowledge to help my community from schooling. I have done quite a few commissions, especially for emotes and subscriber tiers for streamers on Twitch. Those are to better engage with your fanbase, and the more personalized your branding is to you, the better you will stand out. Along with that, knowing the lack of competency surrounding the gaming field, knowing personally it is a safe place to hang out with friends or play alone and get away for a while, I want to constantly make content people are happy with, and feel safe in playing what I will produce. Again, for me, it comes down to helping people. It could be as easy as a watercolor painting to bring a little joy every time you walk by it, it could be a simple emote to show how you feel, or it could be an entirely immersive video game experience with assets that are entirely your own. I want to leave a lasting positive impact on people.

            To conclude, my work will not go unnoticed, and I know I will make an impact with what tools are in my toolbelt to better provide security for the gaming sector. I have learned a lot through schooling, but even more through my connections and networking with people. I know what it takes to be successful and be a business, but it takes something extra to have a positive impact on top of that.